What To Do When Your Client Is In The Hospital? 

By Caregiver Connection Training – Senior Home Help 


At Senior Home Help, we always aim to provide the best home caregiving services for our clients. We advocate senior independent life through our assistance and companionship. Therefore, our professional caregivers are key people to the company’s growth and reputation. 

Having said that, one of the main confusions of our caregivers is on what they need to do when their client is in the hospital. Do they need to work or not? What is the standard thing they need to do during client hospitalization? 

Let us tackle this topic step by step to guide you on the proper things to do during this situation. 


Proper and Quick Communication 

 If you are on shift upon finding out that your client is in the hospital, you need to call Senior Home Help management to notify them about it. Oftentimes, the client’s family members will text or call you in advance before their older adult goes to the hospital for an appointment or emergency. 

Therefore, if you know first that your client is in the hospital, notify us through a phone call, so we can also reach out to the client, or his or her family. We will contact the client to gather information regarding his or her hospitalization. 


What Will You Do While Your Senior Is In The Hospital? 

During client hospitalization, does that mean you have no work? Your work can still continue since we are going to find another client that is within your designated location. For instance, if you are working in Dover when that happens, then we are going to find another senior within the area that requires a home care service.  

If the new client is within Dover and the hours needed for work and care are like those of your client who is in the hospital, then that will be assigned to you. This means you have more chance of meeting new people and clients, which can help you get a full-time shift, and earn more while helping them out. 


Can You Take Your Paid Time Off or Nonpaid Time Off During Client Hospitalization? 

If you look into the employee’s manual, paid time off and nonpaid time off must be filed two weeks in advance before you can take them. During client hospitalization, you are not allowed to have any of these two options as mentioned in the employee’s manual or company policy. 

Always remember that we are in the industry of providing home care services and companionship to advocate independence of the elderly. If there is another client within the same area of your assignment, and the amount of care is parallel to that of your previous client, then you will need to take the job. 



Always remember that in Senior Home Help, we are committed to helping older adults continue to live an independent and healthy life through our home care services. During client hospitalizations, your paid time off and nonpaid time offs will be voided since it needs a two-week notice. 

 Of course, if you have any questions that you are confused about what to do, do not hesitate to reach us out. We are here to help you deal with any concerns regarding your work and your clients. We are going to support you the best that we can. 

Once again, we thank you for everything that you do for us and your clients. Your efforts and passion are greatly appreciated. I hope you have an enjoyable day and take care.