Caregiver Connections Update 28th January 2021

It was so nice seeing you all at our previous Zoom meeting – thanks for attending! 

Next Meeting

Our next Caregiver Connections Virtual Meeting is on Thursday, February 11th at 1PM.

Here is the link to join:

Click here to join on Thursday 11th February 1pm 


New App – BambooHR 

We will be launch a new app that will allow you to see your PTO (and yes you can earn PTO), Apply for PTO and update your personal information. This will be launched next week so be sure to attend our next Zoom call to find out more. 

New Team Member 

We introduced our new Accounts Associate Brittany. She is a wonderful addition to our office team who can help you with any payroll issues. Please help us welcome Brittany to the team. 

Payroll is Now Weekly!! 

Due to Care Giver preference, we have changed payroll to weekly for all caregivers. Be sure to check your bank accounts each Thursday for your direct deposit. 

Labelling Mileage 

Be sure to label all mileage entered in the ClearCare app as errands for client, transportation for client, or if mileage incentive offered as a bonus. When putting in mileage between clients, please make sure this is entered as a separate entry.

Shift Changes 

Any changes in shift time needs to be approved by the office. If you are going to be late to a client or if a shift needs to be extended due to client request or need, please ensure you phone (not text) the office to get approval for the additional/changed hours. Unfortunately, shift changes not approved by the office cannot be paid without prior approval. 

Plan of Care 

Please make sure there is a current plan of care in every client’s home. This is a blue folder and should contain emergency contact information and a current paper copy of the care plan. Please notify the office if there no folder/care plan is in the home. 

Annual Review 

Future annual reviews will be held in the months of February and August. Annual competency tests, TB tracking, In-the-Know completion, and your actual review will be scheduled for February 2021 if your hiring date anniversary is between November-April. August reviews will be for those with a hiring anniversary date of May-October. 

Covid Vaccines 

Covid vaccines are available through the State of Delaware for all of our caregivers. We reviewed the benefits of receiving the vaccine. Please call the office with questions about how to receive the vaccine or with questions. 

Submitting Temperatures 

Our new automatic texts for your temperatures/Covid symptoms are up and running. To make sure your temperature/symptoms are registered, please answer the first text you receive in the morning (typically around 8am) and to enter the email you use for the ClearCare app. 

We want to hear how we can improve our processes to make things better out in the field. We truly appreciate the wonderful care you provide to our clients and want to support you. Thank you for all you do and stay safe!