All About Client Mileage

When do you get a mileage? Let us learn more about that in this read. 

As a caregiver, you get a mileage when you perform certain tasks or errands for the client, like grocery shopping for them. Other tasks which can let you earn a mileage include the following: 

  • Going to the store or pharmacy to get medications
  • Taking them to their doctor’s appointment 
  • Helping them pay their bills 
  • Taking them to the park or somewhere enjoyable
  • Helping them go out for a walk or a picnic 

Also, you get paid for the time you rendered in going from one client’s home to another. Overall, this is where your mileage gets paid by the company. 


When Is Your Mileage Not Paid? 

The time it takes for you to get to the office or to your client’s residence from your home is non-paid mileage. The company will not pay for that mileage unless you are traveling from one client to another client’s home. 

If your travel time to get to from one client to another is greater than one hour, then you do not get paid for that mileage. For instance, you are off at 10:30 from client A, and your next shift for client B starts at 12:00, then you will not get paid for traveling between their houses since that’s more than one hour mileage. At the same time, it is a new starting point for another shift. 

Your mileage of going from client A to B will be paid if it is less or equal to an hour. Also, you must secure proper documentation so that your mileage gets paid. For instance, you indicate the starting point and the succeeding locations where you have done errands for your client. That can be starting from your client’s house, to the pharmacy, to the grocery store, the bank, and then back home. With that, we can see, verify, and pay for your mileage. 

Factors Affecting If Your Mileage Gets Paid or Not 

#1 Correct and Honest Report 

Your request of getting paid for your mileage will be approved by your supervisor. Also, we will check if you are reporting the correct mileage and not altering it to your benefit. We have accounts that goes through and they monitor and ensure you are reporting the right mileage. 

#2 Only Transport A Client 

We will only pay your mileage when you are transporting a client, and not their family members or friends. Also, if you have traveled more than 25 miles, the excess will be for approval to be paid. That is because the client is free for 25 miles only, and everything in excess will be subject for evaluation and approval. 

#3 25-Mile Rule 

25 miles is the covered mileage for every client’s rate of payment, so everything in excess will be charged for them; and it will be upon the approval of the management if you get paid for the excess. Considering that, you need to courteously remind your client that they need to pay extra when you will be driving them for more than 25 miles. 


How do you get paid for approved mileage? 

You need to use your ClearCareGo application in submitting your mileage report. If you were not able to submit it, then you to call your supervisor to let them know and so they can include that to your paycheck, and we can note of your destinations.  

Make sure to properly document your locations for submitting your report for mileage. For instance, Mr. Willows went to ABC Drugstore, that is five miles, and then went back home, so another five miles. A total of 10 miles traveled. Your documentation can appear like this. Also, take note of the 25 miles and everything in excess will be subject for approval. 

For your questions and concerns, feel free to call me or the office since we are willing to help and guide you, so you can clearly explain things to your client. Your paid mileage will be reflected on your weekly paycheck.  

Do not hesitate to call us for any clarification or client issues, which you do not have a clear answer for.